SketchUp PlaceMaker

SketchUp PlaceMaker is a plugin (extension) for the 3D modeling program SketchUp. PlaceMaker imports into SketchUp a variety of 3D data, aerial images and unique geographical features.

Quick and easy to use, PlaceMaker saves time and money. What would take days, if not weeks, can be done in minutes.

PlaceMaker brings in detailed 3D cities from around the world including terrain, roads, walks, buildings, rails, trees. matchless aerials, textured meshes and more!


PlaceMaker is peerless, with few other apps as easy to use or robust. Traditionally hard to get data and 3D models, are available with a simple click. Just select the type of 3D data you want and PlaceMaker will do the rest, importing and lining up the data which is also geo-accurate.

Easily assemble whole cities on top of mountains tops and fill in detailed urban locations along water fronts.

And the data is GLOBAL! With coverage of most places on the planet, PlaceMaker users span the world.

Architects, video game designers and urban planners all use SketchUp PlaceMaker.



Core Features and Data Sets

PlaceMaker’s core feature abilities allow it to import high quality terrain models (new in version 3), high resolution aerials, 3D buildings from around the world with universal coverage for the United States (over 200 million buildings for the US alone). Complete road networks, paths, rivers, bays, oceans, swimming pools and canals and trees. We’ve even added rail networks in version 3.

PlaceMaker, with version 3, can also import unique textured 3D Mesh data for cities and highly accurate surveys line work and faces perfect as project base files (we call this feature SmartSite).

Pay-as-You-Go vs. Subscription

PlaceMaker uses an innovative credit system to import 3D data. With two options, a subscription or pay-as-you-go, everyone can now access PlaceMaker Cities. Learn more.

• NearMap – 7cm high res aerials for North America

Imagery - Mapbox and Nearmap

Import up to 2.8″ (7cm) high resolution aerials directly into SketchUp. Learn More.

Los Angeles

3D Buildings

Instantly import hundreds of real 3D building massing models for select locations and cities.

Buildings and Forests

Trees and Forests

One click 3D Forest imports available for many locations and areas.

3D Roads and Paths

Roads and Paths

Place 3D roads, walks, paths and water into your model. All objects are modeled and render ready.

Modeled on Terrain

Model on Terrain

The PlaceMaker plugin will model and drape buildings, 3D roads and paths directly onto terrain.