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PlaceMaker v2.1 - What’s New

PlaceMaker Version 2.1 - Tons of great changes including a new building data source for projects in the USA.

PlaceMaker v2.1 - New Buildings USA import

New import source with over 124 million 2D building footprints for the United States.

PlaceMaker - What it Does

A quick introduction to some of the PlaceMaker features like imported 3D buildings , high-resolution aerials, roads, cities on terrain, and more.

PlaceMaker v2 - What’s New

PlaceMaker v2 has new features like imported 3D forests, Nearmap super high-resolution aerials (3cm), 3D component building bundle models and our building maker service.

PlaceMaker - How it Works

Learn how to use the simple tools to import aerials, buildings, roads and water in SketchUp.

Free Trial Tutorial Model Walkthrough

With the special free trial tutorial model, you can test out the full functionality (editable objects, imagery import, drape on terrain) of PlaceMaker for free!

PlaceMaker City Building Skills

Learn to use PlaceMaker as a base for creating quick contextual city blocks.

New Feature – Super High-Res Aerials

Discover Nearmap aerials for PlaceMaker. These are super high-resolution images (up to 7.5cm res) available as an in-app purchase.

PlaceMaker - Buildings

A quick walkthrough on PlaceMaker buildings imported from OpenStreetMaps (OSM).

Import Trees and Forests

Discover how to import simple 3D trees for many locations. The PlaceMaker option quickly brings in large areas of trees and includes the option to place the vegetation on terrain.

PlaceMaker - Aerial Imagery

PlaceMaker has the ability to import high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery into SketchUp, an improvement over the SketchUp native add location tool.

Color-correct and Improve Imported PlaceMaker Aerials

Learn how to quickly color-correct imported PlaceMaker aerials. Quickly add color and contrast using PhotoShop linked to SketchUp for a fast workflow.

PlaceMaker Tour Feature

Access Google Street View from inside PlaceMaker. Get instant context and sync your SketchUp PlaceMaker model to Street View.

Placemaker's Nearmap 7.5cm Resolution High-res Aerials

Learn how to import 7.5cm super-high-quality aerials for the United States.

PlaceMaker - Tree Import Options

Like all PlaceMaker features, there are adjustable options for imported 3D trees. Discover how to adjust tree heights and spacing, and how to place trees on terrain.

Learn to Edit Tree Data on OpenStreetMaps

Users can go to the source material and assist in refining OpenStreetMaps data. This quick overview shows how to get started.

SketchUp Extension Inspection

Part of a series of videos done by SketchUp, the Extension Inspection demonstrates Placemaker. Narrated by SketchUp’s Aaron Dietzen.

SketchUp Facebook Live with PlaceMaker

Watch the 2nd-ever SketchUp Facebook Live interview with Daniel Tal on the PlaceMaker extension.