PlaceMaker for Revit

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PlaceMaker data and 3D models can be accessed in two ways.


This option allows you to download the add-in for free. However, you will need to purchase credits (starting at $20 for 100 credits) in order to import the models for a chosen location.  This is a great option to test out the add-in or for small projects.

Subscription Bundle

PlaceMaker for Revit can be purchased as an annual subscription which comes bundled with 1000 Credits! The Subscription provides access to much of the data for free (does not require any credits) or at a discount.  If you purchased credits using a Pay-As-You-Go license, any remaining credits will transfer over to your new subscription automatically. You also get a discount each year when renewing your subscription!

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  • Download PlaceMaker for free
  • Purchase Credits as needed with no other costs
  • Use Credits for all data imports
  • Refill Credits to suit your needs
  • License does not expire
  • Ideal for students and small projects
  • Import Size is Limited to 4 sq km
Click to Order (Free Download)

Subscription Bundle

  • Comes with 1,000 Credits
  • 3D OpenStreetMap data is free, NO Credit cost
  • Other data, like aerials, significantly discounted
  • Refill Credits to suit your needs
  • Renew license annually to enjoy Credit discounts
  • If subscription expires it reverts to Pay-as-You-Go
  • No Limit on Import Size
Click to Subscribe for $239 USD

Please note that you need Revit 2019 or newer to use the PlaceMaker Add-in.  Revit LT versions and mac Parallels cannot be used.

Volume Licensing

For volume licensing, be sure to input the quantity of licenses you require for your organization when filling out the order form.  For orders of 5 licenses or more, we offer volume license discounts.  Please contact us to request at discount coupon if you would like to order 5 or more licenses.

Educational and Non-Profit Licensing

We no longer provide Educational or Student licenses. We encourage students to use the new Pay-As-You-Go license as it will likely be the least expensive option for them.

For non-profit, classroom or lab volume license purchases, please contact us to request a quote for discounted pricing.