BuildingMaker Service – Get More Buildings!

BuildingMaker is an affordable pay-per-use service that allows you to order more 3D building data in a specific location – right from inside PlaceMaker!.  Just click the ‘Get More Buildings’ button in the PlaceMaker dialog, place your order, and within a few days, your new buildings will be ready for import into PlaceMaker!

It is important to note that the service currently can not be used for improving or adding detail to buildings that already exist in PlaceMaker.  It is purely for adding new 3D buildings to the database only.  Please watch the video below to find out how the service works.


Here is a testimonial from one of our BuildingMaker Service customers:

“PlaceMaker is an invaluable, indispensable plug-in.  

We can quickly and effortlessly generate 3D study models of any setting or locale in a matter of minutes with sufficient information to perform site analyses, illustrate proposals and develop alternative design concepts. A new add-on feature/service called BuildingMaker creates accurate architectural context, which makes PlaceMaker a complete designer’s tool.

Prior to PlaceMaker, manufacturing site base information manually from scratch required compiling a mixture of GIS and CAD information as well as extensive drafting that takes a considerable amount of time.

Our design presentations receive universal praise. Professionals and non-professionals alike are impressed and amazed that these models are created so easily.  PlaceMaker makes it all possible!”

…” – Kevin Chavous, Landscape Architectural Designer / City Planner


PlaceMaker BuildingMaker

For more information about BuildingMaker, please see our FAQ