Premium Buildings by PLW Modelworks

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Go beyond simple building masses for your project!

It is PlaceMaker’s mission to offer various high-quality 3D models and metadata for your projects.  Utilizing our resources will allow you to create a rich, multi-faceted virtual world for whatever your project needs are.

To create your virtual world, we are happy to offer our Premium Buildings service.  These buildings are high-quality, articulated and textured buildings and are the context models everyone has been waiting for.

This Premium service is provided in partnership with PLW Modelworks, known throughout the industry for their geolocated, high-fidelity city models.  PLW utilizes high-tech algorithms + human interaction to create their models with the goal of creating a virtual world for use by anyone needing a true representation of the as built word.

Using our powerful PlaceMaker engine, we simplify and quickly convert these models into SketchUp and provide the models to you for your projects.  These models are fully editable, scaled, and can be adjusted to whatever degree necessary to meet your project needs.”

You do not need to own PlaceMaker to take advantage of these models. Simply fill out the request form and we will deliver you the 3D models you need to create your virtual world!


Many locations are already available. After you place your request the models will be delivered to you within 24-48 hours.

For areas not already modeled, allow for 2-3 weeks turnaround depending on size of area. Pricing for custom model creation is the same as models available in archive depending on availability of imagery.

PLEASE INCLUDE A SKETCHUP MODEL WITH THE LOCATION OF YOUR REQUEST. Use the SketchUp Location tool and find the area and the size and send that to us here:



The technology to develop these models is cutting edge. It also requires expert human interaction (AI has not taken over, yet). Cutting edge assisted AI is new.

We are offering locations at $1,000 per ¼ mi / ½ km. The minimum size order is ¼ mi / ½ km.

Set Sizes and Prices

Because of these factors the price per sq mile / 2.2km starts at:

  • $1000 per ¼ square
  • $2000 per 1/5mile / 1km


Download a signable copy of the EULA here.