Nearmap Aerial Imagery

Stop struggling with blurry, pixelated, out-of-date SketchUp satellite imagery and instantly import imagery like this right into SketchUp!

PlaceMaker has partnered with Nearmap US Inc. to integrate the highest quality and most recent aerial imagery available directly into SketchUp!  Nearmap’s imagery resolution is an eye-popping 2.8″ (7cm) which is 4X the resolution of the most detailed commercially available satellite imagery!

Select your area of interest (USA only) inside SketchUp and instantly import precisely georeferenced, zero cloud cover, crystal clear, seamless, incredibly detailed, straight down imagery captured under the best possible conditions.

Nearmap captures the urban US multiple times per year (leaf-on and leaf-off), and new aerial images are processed and accessible by PlaceMaker within days of capture. Get instant access to all current imagery and historical aerials to show you truth over time.

How can you access Nearmap Imagery inside PlaceMaker?

  1. You will need an active subscription License for PlaceMaker
  2. Make sure you have installed PlaceMaker version 2.0 or newer – update here
  3. Expand the PlaceMaker Imagery Import Options and select Nearmap as your source.
  4. Click the Imagery Import button to see how many Nearmap credits you need.
  5. Purchase Nearmap credits directly from within PlaceMaker or from here
  6. Import the Nearmap Imagery!
Austin PlaceMaker Nearmap


PlaceMaker Nearmap


PlaceMaker Nearmap


Currently, PlaceMaker Nearmap imagery is available in select urban areas of the USA and covers ~70% of the US population.

Click the map below to download a PDF of the detailed 2017 coverage map.

Nearmap FAQ

Nearmap Estimated Tile Size Chart

Zoom Tile Size (ft) * Tile Size (Acre) * Tiles per Sq Mile *
Max 240 1.32 484
High 480 5.29 121
Med 960 21.2 31
Low 1920 84.6 8

Example: If your area of interest covers 30 acres, you would need to use 24 tile credits (30 acres / 1.32 tiles per acre) to cover the entire area at Max zoom level.  If you use High zoom level you would need approx. 6 tile credits (30 acres / 5.29 tiles per acre) to cover the entire area.

Tile size is based on Denver, CO.  Tile size varies with latitude.