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PlaceMaker has partnered with Ecopia to bring you Ai created surveys for a fraction of the cost compared to standard survey linework.

It’s Ai vision learning at its best.

Using High Rez Aerials, Computer Vision Ai finds ACCURATE PROFILES and CLASSIFIES Bridges / Buildings / Grass / Pavement / Open Space / Roads / Sports Fields / Water Bodies.

How Accurate? 95% Geometric Accuracy and one year vintage (they update frequently).

Ecopia SmartSite can be delivered on a massive scale.  Want to order 50 sq km of your home city?  No problem!

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This data set is powerful, detailed and versatile…and we offer it in SketchUp and DWG Formats.

Landclass Sequence CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delivered?

SketchUp (skp) CAD (dwg) and geoJSON. The data will include layers for the different feature classifications. The SketchUp files will have surfaces and materials applied.

What Locations are Available?

Any location in the world may be requested!  However, pricing and delivery time estimates may be different than what is advertised on this page for orders outside the USA.

Please submit a quotation request and we will provide specific pricing and estimated delivery time for your area of interest.  Delivery times for this product will continue to improve over time.

Do I Need the PlaceMaker Plugin to Import the Data?

No!  You just need SketchUp if you want to import the SKP file formats or an application that can import the DWG format.  A compatible GIS application is needed for importing the geoJSON format.

What is the Cost?

Currently the price for this product is $499 per sq km with a rush order costing $999 per sq km.  Minimum order size is 1 sq km.

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