Download the PlaceMaker Plugin

You will need a license key in order to use the PlaceMaker Plugin.  Make sure you have ordered a trial or commercial license key.

By downloading the plugin, you indicate that you agree to the terms of the license agreement.

The current version of the PlaceMaker Plugin is 2.2.1 (released Jan 8, 2020). View Release Notes

Please note that you need to have SketchUp 2016 or newer to use the PlaceMaker Plugin.

Download PlaceMaker Plugin RBZ

Installation and License Activation Instructions

  • If using SU2016, go to Window->Preferences->Extensions->Install Extension.. and select the RBZ file that you downloaded
  • If using SU2017 or newer, go to Window->Extension Manager and Click the Install Extension button…and select the RBZ file you downloaded
  • For more detailed instructions, click here
  • Go to Extensions->PlaceMaker->License..->Add License and enter your email and license key to activate your license.

How to Update your PlaceMaker Version

  • Download the current version of PlaceMaker by clicking the download button above.
  • Install the PlaceMaker RBZ file by following the instructions above.
  • Restart SketchUp
  • If you are updating you might need to activate your license again.  Just go to Extensions->PlaceMaker->License.. and enter your email and license key to activate.

Fully Functional Trial Model and Tutorial!

You can now experience the FULLY FUNCTIONAL power of the PlaceMaker Plugin with a free trial license using our special free trial tutorial model.  By using this special model, all features of the plugin will be unlocked and your free trial license will behave just like a fully functional commercial license.

Download the FULLY functional TRIAL MODEL

If you do not use the trial tutorial model, the plugin will run in preview mode when using a free trial license.  The intent of preview mode is to allow you to inspect the OpenStreetMap data for the locations that you are interested in.  It is not possible to save or modify the objects that are imported in preview mode.  The full license allows you to save, and modify all objects (buildings, roads, paths, water, etc.) that the plugin creates.

Enjoy using the PlaceMaker Plugin!

Make sure you check out the documentation and tutorials!