3D Mesh Cities for SketchUp (not available in Revit)

Update Nov 2020: Textured 3D Mesh Cities are now available for Australia in addition to pre-existing coverage in North America!

For years, design professionals have wanted access to the Google Earth-like 3D city mesh models. PlaceMaker, in partnership with Nearmap, now provides that 3D mesh data.  It’s that simple.

We provide this data in optimized geolocated SketchUp and FBX formats. In addition, we provide proxy render objects in SketchUp for Vray and Thea. For Lumion users, you can easily import the raw FBX or SketchUp file.

The Nearmap 3D Mesh data is current and updated once per year. The models are improving in quality with each update.

Check it out yourself – click below to order a free sample in SKP and FBX format!

Click here to Download Nearmap 3D Mesh Sample

We make it simple to import the 3D Mesh into SketchUp!  Order the mesh from inside PlaceMaker V3 or by submitting a quotation below. Watch the video below to find out how to import the mesh into SketchUp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nearmap 3D Mesh?

Accurate 3D models and textures created from photogrammetry data. They offer unparalleled context for modeling, construction planning, and visualization projects.

What Locations are Available?

Most urban areas across the USA, Canada and Australia are available now.  We are actively pursuing ways to expand this coverage in the future. For current coverage areas, see Nearmap’s Coverage Map.

How Fast Can I Get It?

Place your order inside PlaceMaker V3 or submit a quotation request below and we will get you the model you want within 1-2 business days of receiving payment.

What Formats?

Here’s the best part!  We process the model for you so that is it already geolocated and optimized for use in SketchUp without needing a super-computer!  If that weren’t enough, we provide render-ready proxies so you can render the models at full resolution using V-ray or Thea. Finally, we also provide the models in FBX format for easy import into Lumion, 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Rhino, and other applications.

What is the Cost?

The minimum order of 0.25 sq km is only $49!  (Pricing is $199 per square km)

PlaceMaker Subscribers can enjoy a 15% discount on Nearmap 3D Mesh by ordering from inside SketchUp using the PlaceMaker Extension!

Do I Need the PlaceMaker Plugin to Import the Mesh?

No!  You just need SketchUp if you want to import the SKP file formats or an application that can import the FBX format (such as Lumion, Rhino, 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, and more).  One caveat though: To import the render-ready proxies into SketchUp, you will need to use the ‘Add Geolocated SKP’ tool in the PlaceMaker plugin.

This Can’t be True!

No really, it’s real. The data is geolocated and optimized for SketchUp.  Other software such as Lumion can easily process and display the 3D models by importing the FBX or SKP models provided.

Request a Quote

Are you using PlaceMaker V3?  If so, just use your credits to order the mesh and we will deliver it within 1-2 days!

If you don’t use PlaceMaker, please go ahead and submit a quotation request below and we get back to you with pricing within 1 business day.